The Top 5 US States with the absolute worst air quality 

Various measurements have shown that the air quality in most parts of America has deteriorated considerably in recent years. This is mainly due to the escalating weather conditions, as, among other things, large forest fires are polluting the air in many parts of the country and are carrying a significantly higher number of pollutants into the air. Higher temperatures also cause ozone levels to rise in many states.
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According to measurements by the American Lung Association, more than four out of ten Americans live in areas that are polluted by strong ozone or particularly high levels of dirt particles. Even in their own homes, people are not protected from this pollution, which is why severe health consequences can be expected in some cases.

In order to create the ranking, a State of the Air report was considered, which shows a ranking of the cities with the highest air pollution. Below you will find the 5 states with the worst air quality.  

#1 California

By far the most polluted state is California. Not only that there are six of the most polluted cities, with Bakersfield and Fresno-Madera there are the two areas with the highest levels of particulate pollution. In addition, Los Angeles has the worst ozone levels. 

This is all even more worrying when you consider that California is the most highly populated state. However, this is precisely why there are so many sources of air pollution. Heavy automobile traffic and industrial pollution account for a large share. In addition, the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and the number of forest fires is increasing, which poses an ever greater threat to the health of the people of California.  

#2 Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has 5 cities that are among the 25 most polluted cities, with Pittsburgh in first place. With the long-standing coal industry, which has shaped the state, the pollution of particulate matter has also increased significantly. In recent years, however, the use of natural gas instead of coal has become more common, which is why pollution levels in Pennsylvania are steadily decreasing.

#3 Texas

Texas is the second most highly populated state in the country and has with Houston a city that ranks 17th among the most polluted cities. This is also reinforced by the two major airports in this region. The heavy pollution of the air here comes mainly from the so-called point sources. These are large and stationary sources, such as power plants, oil refineries or large manufacturing facilities, which are fired by fossil fuels and release a large number of pollutant particles into the air. 

#4 Washington

In Washington we find two cities that are in the top 10 most polluted cities in the country. The most polluted area in this state is the Yakima region. In addition, forest fires repeatedly have a strong impact on air quality in the Seattle-Tacoma area. The main sources of air pollution will be motor vehicles, outdoor burns and some industries.

#5 Oregon

The state of Oregon is home to four of the 25 most polluted cities of the US. Including Medford and Grants Pass. According to theDepartment of Environmental Quality in Oregon, this is mainly due to air toxics produced by motor vehicles and industrial sources. The main pollutants include diesel soot, benzene and metals such as manganese and lead.

All in all, it can be summed up that air pollution is becoming an increasingly important issue throughout the country or even the world and needs to be addressed urgently. It has serious effects especially on children and people with pre-existing conditions. Excessive exposure to ozone can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular problems. In order to get a daily overview of the air quality in their country, check the air quality index on AirNow for your area. Also note that the air pollution in your own home can be even worse than outside. Take Measures to reduce them and minimize cooking or the use of household cleaners. In addition, air purifiers are a good way to keep the air in your home clean.