5 Things to make your house feel more like home 

There’s a big difference between living in a place that you simply seek shelter in, and living somewhere where you really feel at home in. This is especially true in rentals. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to establish yourself somewhere that you know you won’t be in for more than a year or two, or somewhere that is a far cry from your own taste or style. But a sense of home is all about perception, and regardless of the surrounding factors it is possible to integrate  warmth and personality no matter where you’re living. 
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Add some greens

Plants, just like pets, are known for their ability to help relieve stress and positively influence our mood. Buy fresh flowers every week and put them in a visible place in front of your window. There are also plenty of easy-care indoor plants that will survive if you forget to water them over days. 

Bring the spa home

If you want to make your home as comfortable and relaxing as possible, adding details like candles or soft lighting can create the perfect atmosphere for this. Simple details can create a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home. The more things you have around you that make you feel good and create a cosy atmosphere, the more you will feel at home.

Hang art

Surrounding yourself with beautiful art can provide pleasure and help to bring a piece of your own personality into the room. Many pictures or paintings can contain memories that you are positively reminded of when you look at them. This can create a sense of home. 

Adopt a pet

Home is where love is born. There is no easier way to create love than to adopt a pet from an animal shelter. Animals can improve our mood and just petting a dog or cat can reduce stress. There are only a few things that make a house feel more like a home than being greeted by someone who is immensely excited to see you when you walk through the front door. So if you have the time, money, and desire to take on the care of an animal, consider making the leap.