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Infos about OneLife GmbH

OneLife is a German startup company founded in 2019 consisting of a team of scientists, engineers and design pioneers. With meticulous German engineering, smart digital technologies and intuitive design, OneLife develops solutions that allow everyone to live their one life while protecting the one planet we all inhabit.

Created by a team of German engineers, air quality experts and design pioneers, the OneLife mission is to make the world a healthier  place. We believe in technology and innovation with true  purpose. We are driven to make people live healthier lives  while protecting the one planet we have.

Having already been researching air purification technology since 2015, OneLife was officially founded in 2019 as a Spin-off of getAir, a company in the decentralized home ventilation segment located in Mönchengladbach, Germany.

OneLife’s headquarter is in San Francisco, California, while our R&D and engineering team is operating out of Germany where we started the company.

We are a team of German scientists, engineers, and dreamers. We started out to use our passion, technological expertise, and our belief in a better world to find ways to make life and our planet healthier.  We wanted to design a product that saves lives and protects the planet at the same time so we set out to create the most sustainable and most efficient way to clear the air of even the finest of particles. And we succeeded with the most sustainable high-performance air purifier OneLife X. With six watts, OneLife X consumes less than an average LED lamp, which gives it a super low energy profile. While conventional air purifiers cannot be recycled and end up in a landfill, OneLife X has a lifetime filter so there is no need to throw it away and buy a new one. To further support the environmental friendliness of the OneLife X, only sustainable materials such as fast-growing bamboo and recycled plastic were used.

How the OneLife X air purifier works

The OneLife X is a high performance air purifier that uses a cutting edge plasma filter technology that is able to filter particulate matter down to .01 microns, better than most HEPA filters. It doesn’t use a fiberglass mesh filter that needs replacing when it gets clogged. What’s truly unique about the OneLife X – The filter does not need to be replaced! Simply wash the filter unit, dry, and place back into the purifier! Using the One Life X saves you money on costly filter replacement AND helps the environment by not adding waste to our landfills. This purifier produces NO ozone, and is as energy efficient as they come.

Since you can tilt the fan of the air purifier, you can position the OneLife X at various spots at home. Most often the kitchen and the living room have poorer air quality than most other areas, due to cooking and frying food. In addition, now more than ever, our home offices are being impacted by poor air quality. Thanks to its convenient size you can even place it right next to your bed to guarantee a restful night. To boost your performance, you can also place your OneLife X where you workout and keep fit.

After particles of various types are sucked through a fan into the device, they pass through a plasma field, which is like an ionization or a charging force field. In the near field of a special ionization electrode, ions are generated.These migrate to a counter electrode. On their way they charge up toxic substances, bacteria, viruses, microbes, mites and dust particles to make them magnetized and deposit them permanently on the counter electrodes. By doing this, there’s no actual obstruction of air. The plates in the filter act like giant magnets or tractor beams for all the pollutants in the air. This enables to run a silent fan at a super low ventilation rate, making the purifier absolutely silent (you can run it right next to your bed, try that with a HEPA filter). Additionally this saves a lot of energy and money long term. No filter replacement. Ever.

No. The OneLife X produces no ozone as a byproduct. 

OneLife has taken electronic filtration from commercial applications as a model and further developed it in such a revolutionary way that its numerous strengths can finally be used in the home. Ions are generated in a multi-stage plasma field which charges the dust particles and then separates them in a collector unit. We are able to filter out practically all particles (including ultra-fine dust) without harmful ozone formation.

HEPA Filters were developed back in the 1940s. The filters used are typically made using plastics or fiberglass to create mesh-like filter, and need they need to be replaced, causing waste. HEPA filters can clean up to 99.97% of particulate – down to 0.3 microns – in the air. The plasma filter in the OneLife X, however, captures 99.99% of particulate – down to 0.01 microns. VOCs, viruses, bacteria, and small particles under 0.3 microns cannot be safely removed from the air with a HEPA-based air purifier. However, the finer the mesh, the more power is needed to force air through it, which makes the device even more noisy. Air purifiers with plasma filters on the other hand have the ability to capture even the smallest particles that other types of filters cannot filter. A plasma purifier does not use a mesh, but generates ions that electrically charge air pollutants within the air purifier and change their molecular structure so that they can subsequently be separated in the collector, which works like a powerful magnet. In this way, pollutants up to 0.01 micrometers can be removed from the air, which actually shows that the innovative technology of the OneLife X is more than just filtering. Despite high efficiency, no measurable ozone is produced.
In PECO filters, ultraviolet A-light is irradiated onto a filter membrane coated with nanoparticles. This creates a photoelectrochemical reaction on the surface of the filter that breaks down the molecular structure of organic particles in the air. Like a HEPA filter, PECO filters also need to be replaced regularly. The OneLife X in turn forms in the near field of a special ionization electrode, a plasma field where ions are generated.These then migrate to the counter electrodes. On their way charge toxic substances, bacteria, viruses, microbes, mites and dust particles, which are then permanently deposited on the counter electrodes. This process removes up to 99.99% of all harmful particles from the air without a filter replacement. The filter collector unit just needs a rinse or goes in the dishwasher.

What the OneLife X air purifier does

Thanks to the revolutionary filter technology, the integrated plasma field forms cations that charge even the smallest nanoparticles and deposit them in the collector unit. This allows OneLife’s patented plasma technology to filter pollutants up to 0.01 micrometers.

Yes! Scientists found that air pollution can reduce athletic performance. One of the reasons for that is because during training athletes typically breathe about 20 times more air than usual which means you also get 20 times the pollutants in your system. Research also shows that cleaner air is linked to increased productivity, when they found out that employees in environments with clean air performed 61% better in cognitive tasks than employees in standard office conditions. In addition, clean air also has a high importance for a restful sleep and better rest, which also has a positive effect on people’s health, productivity and performance throughout the day. Another study revealed that people living in environments with high levels of air pollution were 60% more likely to sleep poorly than people living in areas with clean air. Restful sleep is especially beneficial for allergy sufferers, as they are not protected from annoying allergy symptoms at night due to allergens from house dust, animal hair and pollen. An air purifier thereby increases your productivity, performance and recovery.

In the increasingly longer and more intense wildfire seasons, many people are exposed to high levels of hazardous pollutants, which are partially invisible and can easily enter our homes. Wildfire smoke particles have a size of 0.4 – 0.7 and are an easy task for the OneLife X which can filter particles as small as 0.01 micrometers. Nevertheless, the effects of forest fires should not be underestimated, especially for people who live further away from forest fire areas and actually feel safe. Depending on the wind and the location, the smallest particles can spread hundreds of kilometers and have short and long-term effects on their health. Since humans themselves can’t always sense the particles on their own, the OneLife X’s precise sensor technology does it for you, allowing your air purifier to detect when the concentration of pollutants rises to a dangerous level and then turn itself on while warning you at the same time.
OneLife X reduces harmful pollutants that can be caused by allergenic particles. It helps you relieve typical allergic symptoms such as sneezing, a stuffy nose, watery eyes and others by filtering out house dust, molds and pet dander as well as seasonal pollen. Thereby it reduces harmful pollution levels and protects asthmatics & people suffering from allergies.
Yes OneLife X can filter all those annoying types of pollen like birch, grasses and herbs as well as dust and even ultrafine dust. Thereby it reduces harmful pollution levels and protects asthmatics & people suffering from allergies.
Tree pollen occurs mainly between March and May. The trees that are most likely to cause allergy symptoms include oak, birch, beech and ash. The pollen grains are 16-37 µm in size. Thanks to the OneLife X’s filter technology, even the smallest particles can be removed from the air, making it impossible for tree pollen to spread in your home.
Grass Pollens are the main reason for experiencing a runny nose or other hay fever symptoms. Especially grains from Kentucky bluegrass, bermuda, redtop, orchard and timothy grasses affect people from May to July. To protect yourself from allergy symptoms during this annoying time, at least at home, the OneLife X filters the small pollen out of your air without any problems thanks to its innovative filter technology.
Weed pollen usually appears between July and September and causes hay fever in many cases. To protect themselves from the annoying pollen at home, the OneLife X air purifier helps them to keep the air free of the small particles.
The OneLife X includes an activated carbon filter which can filter odors released by new furniture and textiles.
Since the OneLife X provides clinically clean air, your baby is protected from all types of harmful pollutants in the air. It is especially important for babies to grow up in a pure and clean environment, as their organs are not yet fully developed due to the early stage of growth and their immune system is still very vulnerable. Asthma attacks can thus be prevented early and in the long term thanks to the OneLife X.
In fact, the OneLife X air purifier captures 99.99% of harmful airborne particles, providing you with clinically clean air.
Smoking in one’s own home is detrimental to one’s own health and should be avoided as a matter of principle for this reason. However, since cigarette smoke persists very stubbornly in closed rooms and thus also becomes a risk for passive smokers, air purifiers are a good method of ridding the room of harmful cigarette smoke in the long term. In addition, air purifiers also combat the unpleasant smelling cigarette odour.
Even though the OneLife X does not filter dust particles that are already on your floor or cabinets, by filtering small particles early, it prevents the composition of larger dust particles in the first place by filtering them out of the air before they settle on various surfaces.
If you notice mold growing in your home, you should act. However, it is not easy to handle the problem, as mold spreads through the air due to mold spores. The particles that are invisible to us are also dangerous to human health, as they can be inhaled and penetrate deep into the respiratory tract. Air purifiers are a suitable method for minimizing both the spread of mold and the health burden.
Dust mites can quickly become triggers of allergy symptoms. They feed on small particles found in house dust, which thus also promote their reproduction. Your OneLife X can ensure that the house dust in your household remains as low as possible, which means that the number of mites can also be kept very low and fewer allergic reactions occur.

How the filter unit works

How long your filter will last depends on how well you treat it. If you wash it regularly and clean it carefully, it can last a lifetime without ever needing to be replaced. This saves not only additional waste but also running costs for our customers.
The collector can be easily rinsed under running water or placed in the dishwasher to totally clean it. After placing the filter unit on a towel to dry, it can be reinserted into the OneLife X without any concerns.
The frequency of cleaning depends on the level of pollution of the environment. However, our intelligent control system informs you when it is time for cleaning.
No, the particles stick to the filter, so that the filter can be easily washed off without the particles detaching. However, please handle the filter gently, otherwise isolated particles may detach.

OneLife X - Technical Data

OneLife X air purifier is 16.18in X 7.48in X 7.48in (41.1cm X 19cm X 19cm)
The OneLife X runs at 25 decibels on the lowest level. Because it uses a plasma field to filter your air, the OneLife X doesn’t need a large and noisy fan to force air through a mesh-like filter, allowing it to use a high-tech fan that runs at a whisper and uses far less energy than other air purifiers.
The OneLife X consumes just 5-6 watts per hour. Running the OneLife X 24 hours a day uses about 144 watts (.14 kilowatts). HEPA air filters use between 50 and 100 watts per hour.
Yes, you can easily integrate the OneLife X into your Smart Home with it’s specially developed OneLife app, which provides information on the current filter status of the device and real-time data on air quality, humidity and temperature inside and outside the home.
Thanks to the precise laser sensors, the OneLife X air purifier automatically detects when it’s time to clean the air. This makes it almost unnecessary to control it at all. If you still want to operate the air purifier according to your own wishes, you can control your OneLife X via the Display Panel or the OneLife app to remotely control it. Within the app, you can set which mode your OneLife X should run in and what the air quality is like in your home and also in your environment. Additionally you can set your own routines and air purification timetables in the app.
Thanks to a built-in sensor, the OneLife X 24/7 measures and monitors the air quality in your home. With the OneLife app you can control the air quality anytime and anywhere and know exactly when you can breathe clean air again.
OneLife X app displays indoor AND outdoor air quality level. The pollution map uses data from BreezoMeter and shows air quality levels around the world based on local air quality indices (AQIs).
Our OneLife X is able to provide clinically clean air for a room size up to 25 m² (270 ft²). In addition, the easy tilt design allows you to access clean air exactly where you want it to be delivered.

Yes, the OneLife X does need to be plugged in in order to run. However, because it runs on six watts per hour, the OneLife X consumes less than an average LED lamp, which means you get the most clinically clean air while saving money on energy bills.