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Air Quality Experts Discuss: The Psychology Behind Mission-Driven Product Design

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On April Wednesday April 28th our partner BreezoMeter is hosted a webinar with our CEO Christoph Burkhardt. Together with their consumer product expert Yair Giwnewer he discussed how to balance the mission with business goals when building a health-driven product. In case you missed it, you can watch the Webinar here.


  • What is the actual impact of technological innovation on consumer product design in recent years? Disappointments, expectations, and a new social responsibility.
  • Learn how to find the balance between mission-focused product design and business development goals? I.e. How to strike the balance between meeting consumer demand while affecting positive change?
  • What have our air quality product experts learned about the potential for technology and the role of IoT for creating integrated personalized experiences that improve consumer’s lives, drive business results, and save the planet
  • How to understand the fine line between persuasive technologies and affecting small changes in consumer’s lives for the better.