Because clean air is a
human right

Created by a team of German engineers, air quality experts and millennial pioneers to make the world a healthier place.

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“A revolutionary new air purifier. It uses the same plasma that lives in our stars and Sun.”

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“I was impressed that the connected filter could report the quality of air in your house.”

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“A stylish air purifier that shuns many of the design aesthetics and maintenance issues that plague many models.”

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Our mission

Save lives & protect the planet

We get one life on this planet, one chance to make a real difference. We want to protect your health without harming the environment. After all, we only get this one planet. We set out to create the most sustainable and most efficient way to clear the air of even the finest of particles.
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Our team

Trust in science

Created by a team of German engineers, air quality experts and design pioneers to make the world a healthier place. We believe in technology and innovation with true purpose. We are driven to make people live healthier lives while protecting the one planet we have.
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Our promise

Clean air with a clear conscience

Our goal was ambitious. OneLife was going to create a completely new type of air purifiers. No filter to replace, the lowest energy profile in the market, the greenest technology available and a high performance Plasma Filter that catches even the smallest pollutants. OneLife X exceeded our wildest expectations.
OneLife X

Get your OneLife X!

Order your OneLife X on the webshop today. Your purchase will support us on our mission to save lives & protect the planet. Let’s make a difference together.

A team on a mission

Dedicated to making you healthier at home while protecting the planet.

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Robert Heinze

Head of Research & Development

Marc Bollmann

Head of Business Development

Florian Vogt

Head of Strategy & Operations

Robin Herter

Head of Marketing

Jonas Janßen

Senior Product Designer

Our movement

OneLife. OneChance. OnePlanet.

Join the movement

Nobody is perfect. But if you are anything like us you keep trying your best to make the world a better place. To us at OneLife this means to use our one life, this one chance we get to make a difference for human health and the one planet we have.

Join our movement today and keep making a difference together.

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